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Crown Lifting 

Crown lifting is the removal of the lower limbs of a tree and is measured in metres from ground level. Crown lifting is often carried out to improve access for either pedestrians or vehicles. It can also be used to increase light into an area or property.

Before              Crown Lifting                 After 
Before Crown Lift
After Crown Lift

Crown thinning 

Crown thinning is usually used to maintain the existing shape of a tree whilst increasing the amount of light through the canopy. Often specific in percentage (ie. 30%), crown thinning is carried out by removing secondary branches to allow more light through the canopy.

Thinning may sometimes include a degree of crown reduction where there are particularly heavy areas of branches that break the natural shape of the tree but generally does not change the overall size or shape of the tree.

Before                   Crown Thinning               After 
Before Crown Thinning
After Crown Thinning
Before Thinning
After Thinning
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