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Our Work 

Patriarch Tree Services is committed to supporting our local community and charities. We have members of staff who volunteer and run local youth groups and share our knowledge and experience where we can. 

Check out some of the projects we have been involved with. 


Patriarch Tree Services moved to Bristol at the start of the COVID-19 crisis; we have a great appreciation to everyone who supported the company during that time and the front line workers who did all they could to keep us safe. 

Patriarch Tree Services had the pleasure of doing some work for one of our NHS hero’s back in April 2021. 

Mike is part of the NICU support team delivering donated breast milk from the southwest milk bank all over the country to premature babies in neonatal units. Who knew this role even existed. Its given us a greater appreciation for all of those unsung Heroes who have continued to carry out their roles within the NHS and front line services throughout the pandemic. 

Ladies; if you would like to know more about how to become a milk donor check out the link.



A social enterprise at the heart of Filwood 

(or Knowle West as you probably know it), 

supporting the community with their day to day 

needs while helping young people struggling 

in mainstream education to get out into 

the world and learn new skills.

Patriarch Tree Services are supporting this service by supplying Re:Work with hardwoods to be used for spinning, turning and furniture projects with young people.


St Peters Hospice 

January 2022 Patriarch Tree Services became part of the St Peters Hospice Volunteer team helping to collect and recycle Christmas Trees. 

Once collected the trees were shredded by the Patriarch team along with other arborists working in local allotments, usually within the same postcode where the trees were picked up, saving time and mileage.

The wood chips were then used on the allotments as mix fertiliser and use on pathways. 


Inns Court Residents Group 

Inns Court Residents Group is a group that represents residents within Inns Court and the surrounding area. Patriarch Tree Services has been supporting their project to reestablish a piece of unused community green space. The residents came together to discuss the land being used for fly tipping and problems with anti social behavior. They decided to turn the space into a community woodland and Patriarch Tree Services has been supplying the site with wood chips ever since. 

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